2022 Bible Reading Plan


A calendar that includes daily readings covering the whole Bible in one year, in a thematic fashion.

Created and compiled by Craig J. DesJardins, copyright 2022


This Bible reading schedule is thematic or connective in nature. The goal is to make as many associations as possible between the different parts of Scripture while still reading individual books of the Bible from start to finish. Only the Psalms are not read in consecutive order. The Psalms are individually apportioned throughout the year to increase the number of connections that can be observed and appreciated.


Examples of the thematic approach in this year’s plan:


Jan 2: Gen 4:26 and Psalm 116, calling on the name of the Lord 

Jan 30: Exodus 3 and Acts 7, Moses’s sojourn in Midian, and the Lord’s speaking from the burning bush

Feb 24: Leviticus 4 and 1 John 1:7, cleansing with blood

Mar 4: Mark 4:35-41 and Psalm 107:23-30, the Lord controls the sea

Mar 20: Num 7:89 and Psalm 99:1, the Lord dwells with the cherubim

April 9: Deuteronomy 7:6-8 and Ephesians 1:4-6, God choosing his people

April 25: Psalm 114:3-5 and Joshua 4:1-17, the Jordan river turned or driven back

June 8: 1 Samuel 19:1-10 and Psalm 55:12-20, betrayal by a close companion

June 27: 1 Kings 3:9-12 and James 1:5, asking for wisdom

July 12: Malachi 3:1 quoted by Jesus in Matthew 11:10, speaking of John the Baptist

Sept 7: Jeremiah 37:11-38:13 and 2 Corinthians 11:23-27, the mistreatment and suffering of God’s appointed messengers

Dec 1: Isaiah 2:1-5 and Micah 4:1-5, the mountain of the Lord’s house established as the highest of the mountains; swords into plowshares


There are many other connections, both major and minor, besides these. Most of the Psalms are used in this manner. The connections occur in an unpredictable fashion. You may see several in one week, or none at all, but the overall number of them exceeds one hundred for the year.

2022 10-Oct bible reading.png
2022 11-Nov bible reading.png